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Some points to consider when purchasing a crockery set

Purchasing crockery set may feel like an easy case of selecting which china pattern you want the best but, the truth is, there are numerous essential things to consider when selecting which crockery set is best for you.

First things first…

The very first thing you need to think about is what this crockery set likely to be employed for. Is it for everyday meals, dinner parties with family or ultra-special gatherings? How often will you be eating off your brand-new crockery? And, moreover, who shall be utilizing the crockery - members of your direct family, good friends, business associates? You need to take into account all these elements when picking which crockery set is best for you.

Is it your first crockery set?

Is this going to be the first crockery set as you move into a new home? If that's the case, then you will want to make sure you cover all fundamentals; you will definitely want to ensure there are side plates, bowls and dinner plates - maybe mugs too. There's no reason splashing out on an expensive collection just yet.

Do you want any specific additions?

Certain crockery sets consist of saucers, salad plates, espresso cups and also buffet plates; work out exactly what you want and purchase appropriately. It is usually possible to purchase more items to pre-owned crockery sets when you go shopping about.

Porcelain or china?

Another crucial thing to consider when picking your crockery set is whether or not you want it to be crafted from porcelain, earthenware or china. The previous 2 are usually found in industrial crockery sets and, since they lack similar aesthetic appeal as china, provide the same items at a far cheaper price. Although the items will never be as resistant to chipping, will be thicker and certainly rougher to touch than china. Bone china, on the other hand, is great for those looking for a high quality crockery set that mixes beauty with practicality; the pure white translucency of bone china crockery sets look amazing in patterned or plain styles, as well as supplying excellent durability, strength and chip resistance.


It's worth taking into consideration how many hours you wish to spend on preserving your brand new crockery set, as not all ceramic crockery can be maintained easily. Crockery made out of bone china needs to be looked after well and is better to use for a collection, earthenware can easily be cracked if not preserved properly and porcelain is warmth resistant - excellent for the dishwasher. See how many hours you have and buy accordingly.


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